Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Full Text Searching For Firebird
Author Aage Johansen
Ivan Prenosil wrote:
>>>do you
>>>know if firebird intend to include a full text search in a future
>>>release? thanks
> ...
>>In a future release FB will support Full Text Search, but in wich
>>release I don't know.
> Fulltext system can be very simple, or it can be very complex.
> Because many potential features have impact on performance,
> it is better to implement only those features people actually need.
> But so far every discussion ended before it even started,
> i.e. whenever I ask about requirements, nobody bother to just reply,
> so my understanding is that nobody seriously want/need fulltext search.

I've used the "Full Text Search" in dbISAM/4 and found it quite
convenient. Typically, a simple query goes like this:
select FIELD1, FIELD2
where TextSearch('SOMETEXT' in FIELDX)
FIELDX can be char/varchar/blob. If the string ends with an asterisk
(SOMETEXT*), it is a search for partial match. The search is
case-insensitive. There are some other features, like a StopWord list.
I've only ever manipulated (created, modified or dropped) indexes through
their dbsys (Database System Utility), not through SQL.

Aage J.