Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Full Text Searching For Firebird
Author Lester Caine
Ivan Prenosil wrote:

>>>do you
>>>know if firebird intend to include a full text search in a future
>>>release? thanks
> ...
>>In a future release FB will support Full Text Search, but in wich
>>release I don't know.
> Fulltext system can be very simple, or it can be very complex.
> Because many potential features have impact on performance,
> it is better to implement only those features people actually need.
> But so far every discussion ended before it even started,
> i.e. whenever I ask about requirements, nobody bother to just reply,
> so my understanding is that nobody seriously want/need fulltext search.

Or we implement it in the application using the current capabilities of
Firebird. The full text search on bitweaver is clunky but works. However
replacing it with something a lot more powerful is in the dreamware list :)

The lucene framework does seem the way to go, but I hate all those
external files. Now building that into the database ..... we can dream ;)

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