Subject Re: [firebird-support] Advantages of Fib Plus Driver over Delphi InterBase Driver
Author Jonathan Neve
Dilish wrote:

>Hi all
>Can I use default InterBase library to Connect to my FireBird Database?
Yes, but some of the newer features of FireBird (such as save-points for
example) won't be available. Furthermore, if you're starting a new
FireBird project, it's not a good idea to use IBX, since there is no
telling how long it will stay compatible at all.

>What r the Advantages of Fib Plus Driver over Delphi InterBase Driver?
FIBPlus is good in that it handles access to either Interbase or
FireBird interchangeably, and it supports the new features of FireBird,
which IBX doesn't (and never will) support. Other alternatives are IBO
and UIB.

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