Subject SQL where in (..,..) limitations?
Author nagypapi
I know I've seen it somewhere, but parsing the fb1.5 release notes for
limitations and the langref.pdf notes at "select" description, I
didn't find how much values I can pack in the list after the "in"

ex: select * from table where col1 in (val1,val2,val3,val4,...,valN)
=>I would like to get the maximum value for N

related to this:
was it my fault I didn't find this info (in other words where could I
have searched)?
The documentation of postgre is uncomparably more handy than the docs
of firebird, will that change in the future, are there any plans to
make online docs a la postgre or php?

I didn't get any answer on ways to collate UNICODE_FSS to something
other than UNICODE_FSS. I guess there is no run-time solution. Will
this change in the future? (I don't see why it couldn't try to collate
to something throwing an exception if it can't)