Subject Increase database respond, make it faster
Author menjit_singh

i created a delphi software that takes daily stock data (date,high,
low, close, vol, stock name, symbol) from text file and stores it in
Firebird database. I store about 2000 different stocks everyday and use
the database to plot graph. When i store 30 days of data, the respond
is ok. But as the days increase, the respond time reduce to very2 slow.
My CPU usage indicate fbserver have high cpu usage. I think it is
because the table is not organized/sorted. I only have one table with 7
fields. My questions:

1. How to have very fast respond for large database?
2. Is my problem because of unorganized data?
3. How i make my software respond faster?

By the way, i dont include index and sorting of any kind. I just get
the data and store it.