Subject Re: Changing trigger active/inactive state within a transaction
Author mikcaau
> Do you know if it works over NAT? Our databases are hosted on our
> servers, and generally customers have their own vpn and connect to our
> servers via RDP.
> Providing you can open inbound ports on their firewall, it will work
> though. We went the polling route for our software, because they only
> need to open two outgoing ports (which most of the time are open
> anyway), one for the remote software, the other for remote desktop..
> Adam
A month or so ago this topic was current. I spent quite some time and
finally dribbled out some stuff. Yes does work through NAT. NAT is
only a concern if the originator is not known- otherwise we can know
it's there protecting us and then forget about it.
The only part I didn't check is whether event connection is originated
by client or server. I do think the server advises client of event
port during connect handshake and then leaves it to client to initiate
a connection.

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