Subject Re: Changing trigger active/inactive state within a transaction
Author Adam
> > You can use the CURRENT_CONNECTION context variable to note who did
> > the action. Then just set your triggers to fill this table when a
> > change occurs.
> This is perfect. I had no idea that CURRENT_CONNECTION existed. Its
> not in the "definitive" docs. But there it is in the v1.5
> ReleaseNotes. Thank you very much.

I am not sure what you mean by definitive docs. "The Book" is at work
so I can't confirm it, but considering it has the other features
introduced in 1.5 like execute statement etc, I would be very
surprised if it is not in there.

If you are refering to the IB6 guides, then you are missing the new
features of Firebird, and you really should spend an hour going
through the release notes familiarising yourself and seeing what can
be useful.

Just a side caution, like CURRENT_TRANSACTION (which may also be
useful), CURRENT_CONNECTION resets to 0 when you restore the database,
possibly even when the first user connects, not too sure on this. So
long-term, do not rely on storing information against the
CURRENT_CONNECTION because the numbers may be reused. The methodology
posted was just some food for thought, it has no way of removing old
uninteresting changelog records (records every system knows about).
You may want to delete the records older than 1 day or something when
polling (as long as this is larger than the poll interval, it should
be fine).