Subject Getting best performance for Provided server & Network
Author R. S. Patil
Dear Friends,

My Client has Procured IBM Server with 2 GB memory and
Centrino single Processor. We have Loaded FC 4 on it.
Whenever we see Memory Status we find about 1 to 1.5 GB
memory is free. My database sizes are about 200 MB and
at a time 3 to 4 different databases will be used on same
server with mutually exclusive applications. i.e. there are
3 to 4 different applications running their own databases with
no link between them. The Lan is about 30 to 35 Nodes and one
application is shared by 10 to 20 Nodes at a time.

All applications are providing good response but i would
like to get best out of given hardware. Can somebody suggest
me what parameters I should set so that Firebird will make
best use of the hardware provided. Are there any Linux parameters
to be set so that In future when load on server in terms of
number of users and size of database is increased still
users will get good response & I need not do any 11th hr
rush for best performance.

All application are written in Delphi 5 with IBO and Firebird is
1.5 with FreeUDFLIBC UDFs. Most of the jobs are done through
queries and SPs almost all business logic is coded in SPs
and Client application is handling the User Interface. The
server is Purely a database server with only SAMBA Server running
to allow windows clients to share files between them. All
application's exes are residing in a samba share and LAN
nodes execute them from a samba share. The network has
Fiber Optic Backbone and 100/1000 BaseT switches are used
for distribution. Most of the Lan Cards are 10/100 or 100/1000.
Nodes are PII to P4 with 64 MB onwards memory and OS are W98/XP
There are other servers on Network with Win 2K3 running MS SQL Server
serving some other applications but same network is shared.
One of the 2K3 server is PDC and our server is configured as
Backup Domain Controller.

Thanks and Best Regards.

R. S. Patil