Subject How to gat a good performance
Author donoteatcarrot

I have just migrated a database from MSSQL server, and now
I am running both MSSQL server 2000 and firebird 2.0 super server on

My problem is when executing the query below, firebird takes much
longer time to get a result than MSSQL.

SELECT MAX(field_A) as max_A, field_B FROM TABLEX GROUP BY field_B

I checked "fbserver.exe" and "sqlservr.exe" in "task manager", while
they were processing the query.

While the execution, the memory "fbserver.exe" used increases about
4K per second,
and "sqlservr.exe" eats about 3.5M memory per second.

After the execution, "fdserver.exe" totally uses about 15M memory,
and "sqlservr.exe" uses about 180M.

The machine has dual Xeon 2.8G CPU and 2G memory.
There are about 500,000 records in TABLEX.
The time firebird used is about 20 minutes, and MSSQL uses about 10

What should I do to get a better performance with firebird ?