Subject Re: [firebird-support] Passing a BLOB to a Stored Procedure in FIBPlus
Author Martijn Tonies
> I have a Picture (Delphi Tpicture object) that I am trying to save in
> Firebird 1.5. I use stored procedures for all calls to the database. I
> have created a stored procedure that is called as follows:

Are you using this construct to SAVE the BLOB?

> I'm not exactly sure of two things:
> 1. What BLOB sub type should I use when storing Delphi Tpicture objects
> the database

Usually subtype 0 being "binary".

> 2. What is the convention for saving & loading through a Stored Procedure
> to Delphi? I'm using FIBPlus to communicate with Firebird. Note that
> is through a stored procedure, and not through any Data Aware components.

I would suggest a stored procedure component.

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