Subject BACKUP
Author Leandro
# I have a shell script that executes the backup to proceed:
# the mistake happens in the line 5 and stop.
# it comes happening a lot, and in several databases.

gfix -v -full MainDB.bco -user SYSDBA -password $3
gfix -mend -full -ignore MainDB.bco -user SYSDBA -password $3
gfix -v -full MainDB.bco -user SYSDBA -password $3
gbak -backup -ignore MainDB.bco backup.gbk -user SYSDBA -password $3

# in the next line it happens the mistake and the shell script it ends.
# I tried to place the exit for the file " log ", but doesn't appear anything.
gbak -create backup.gbk NewDB.bco -user SYSDBA -password $3 >> log

#if the line above doesn't give mistake, it follows the rest of the backup.
gbak -backup -ignore -garbage_collect NewDB.bco backup.gbk -user SYSDBA -password $3
rm -f NewDb.bco
gbak -create backup.gbk NewDB.bco -user SYSDBA -password $3
gbak -backup -ignore -garbage_collect -limbo NewDB.bco backup.gbk -user SYSDBA -password $3
gbak -create backup.gbk MainDB.bco -user SYSDBA -password $3


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