Subject Re: Firebird won't start as service on Windows 2003
Author vwyngaard
--- In, "Adam" <s3057043@y...> wrote:
> --- In, "vwyngaard"
> wrote:
> >
> > I have installed Firebird 1.5.2 on a Windows 2003 server to start
> > automatically as a service.
> The control panel applet doesn't work on that OS, just use the
> services manager (Windows, not Firebird services, ah you know what I
> mean).
> >
> > Initially, after installing it seemed to work fine. But after
> > the server, the service is not running. If I manually try to
start it,
> > the following error appears:
> > "Could not start the Firebird Server - Default Instance service
> > Local Computer. Error 1053: The service did not respond to the
start or
> > control request in a timely fashion."
> >
> > I have also tried to start it from the Firebird applet, tried
> > it to run as an application, with or without Guardian - nothing
> > make Firebird run. If I re-install, it runs again, until I try to
> > and restart the service, or reboot.
> This is quite strange. Does the service not default to "automatic"?
> What user is it installed as? Is there anything of note in the event
> viewer that might explain why it failed to open? After it reboots,
> you "telnet localhost 3050"?
> I have seen it working on 5 or 6 windows 2003 servers. Local
> connections and embedded mode will not work if you are logging in
> through terminal services, the control panel applet doesn't work and
> you better make sure you are not shadowing the volume the database
> on, but other than that the installation has been pretty straight
> Adam

The service does default to "automatic" and does start straight after
the installation, but does not start after a reboot. I also cannot
then start it manually (the above error message appears).

I am logged in as administrator. Nothing extra in event viewer. I am
not sure what to do with Telnet. I ran "telnet localhost 3050" from a
command prompt and it changes to a telnet screen without any error
messages, but I am not sure what I should be looking for or doing
after that.

I am not using terminal services and only tried the control panel
applet after it would not start automatically or manually from
services screen. I am not shadowing any volume (at least not
knowingly - the server is installed on a RAID 5 configuration as a
file server / database server, and we are running Backup Exec for our
tape backup. Nothing special, otherwise about the installation.)

I have since re-installed (after uninstalling) Firebird to run as an
application using Guardian, which now seems to work. Before, when it
wouldn't work as an application, I was trying to change the Server
mode to Application mode using the applet. From what you are saying,
if the applet doesn't work under 2003, that probably is the reason I
couldn't just change it.

I am now running OK as application - just frustrating why it won't
run as a service.

Thanks for your help. Any other ideas to try would still be welcome.