Subject Re: Firebird won't start as service on Windows 2003
Author Adam
--- In, "vwyngaard" <vwyngaard@y...>
> I have installed Firebird 1.5.2 on a Windows 2003 server to start
> automatically as a service.

The control panel applet doesn't work on that OS, just use the
services manager (Windows, not Firebird services, ah you know what I

> Initially, after installing it seemed to work fine. But after rebooting
> the server, the service is not running. If I manually try to start it,
> the following error appears:
> "Could not start the Firebird Server - Default Instance service on
> Local Computer. Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or
> control request in a timely fashion."
> I have also tried to start it from the Firebird applet, tried changing
> it to run as an application, with or without Guardian - nothing will
> make Firebird run. If I re-install, it runs again, until I try to stop
> and restart the service, or reboot.

This is quite strange. Does the service not default to "automatic"?
What user is it installed as? Is there anything of note in the event
viewer that might explain why it failed to open? After it reboots, can
you "telnet localhost 3050"?

I have seen it working on 5 or 6 windows 2003 servers. Local
connections and embedded mode will not work if you are logging in
through terminal services, the control panel applet doesn't work and
you better make sure you are not shadowing the volume the database is
on, but other than that the installation has been pretty straight forward.