Subject Why does this query work with 1.53 but not 2 (Beta)?
Author Robin Davis

This query works in 1.53, but not in 2 (beta). Could somebody point me
in the right direction to resolve the problem? Every time I try to run
it with 2 beta everything freezes up.

Thanks in advance,

Rob Davis

SELECT "ContactID","Name", "CompanyName", "Address1", "Address2",
"Address3", "Address4", "PostCode", "WorkPhone", "WorkExtension",
"MobilePhone", "EmailName" FROM "Contacts" WHERE ((("Contacts"."Name")
In (SELECT "Name" FROM "Contacts" GROUP BY "Name", "CompanyName" HAVING
Count(*)>1 And "CompanyName"= "Contacts"."CompanyName")))
ORDER BY "Contacts"."Name", "Contacts"."CompanyName";