Subject Re: SRVREER: Database Open Failure.
Author Adam
--- In, "Dan Gray" <dan@d...> wrote:
> Can someone explain what this error means? User gets error:
> SRVREER. Database Open Failure: I/O error for file "D:\path\file.ib"
> Error while trying to read from file. The process cannot access the
> file because anohter process has locked a portion of the file.
> By the time I remotely connect, the program runs okay. So I'm guessing
> another application is locking my file.ib and has unlocked it by the
> time I connect. What types of programs should I look for?
> Thanks,
> Dan

My guess is that you are using a local connection string. Local
connection strings mean that only a single application can connect to
the database.

If you put the hostname and ':' in front of the local path, then it
will be mult application happy.


but all applications will need to use this format.

As Alexandre posted, please include your Firebird version for more
specific help.

If you are using a version that supports it, you should make use of