Subject Re: [firebird-support] SRVREER: Database Open Failure.
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Dan Gray wrote:

>Can someone explain what this error means? User gets error:
>SRVREER. Database Open Failure: I/O error for file "D:\path\file.ib"
>Error while trying to read from file. The process cannot access the
>file because anohter process has locked a portion of the file.
>By the time I remotely connect, the program runs okay. So I'm guessing
>another application is locking my file.ib and has unlocked it by the
>time I connect. What types of programs should I look for?

What FB version CS ou SS ?

Just gessing about, don't count my words as authoritative.
Did you run anti-virus on this machine ?
Does tha AV software has the .ib extension in a list of files not to check ?

Did get a coneection remotely but not locally ?

see you !

Alexandre Benson Smith
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