Subject RE: [firebird-support] Some performance problems.
Author Ariel Sakin
Your shot in the dark hit the target.
I do not have a commit after the insert.
The problem is I never do "BeginTransaction" in my program. So I don't
have the option to commit as far as I understand.
If I look at the FbConnection object, I see that the activeTransaction
is always null.

1) Is there a way to tell the Database to commit itself after a certain
number of INSERTs?
2) Is it ok to commit the transaction after every INSERT, or will it
create a performance problem for the INSERT?
What am I doing wrong???? (I know I am doing something wrong but I can't
find any good esplanation about using transactions in firebird )

Thanks for your help,
Ariel Sakin

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Subject: RE: [firebird-support] Some performance problems.

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> How can the fact that I just inserted the rows to the
> database affect the time it take to query the table?
> Why is it so much faster after I re-open the connection to
> the database??

A shot in the dark, are you committing the transaction after inserting
your records?


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