Subject Some performance problems.
Author Ariel Sakin
Hi All,

I am using firebird from C# using

I noticed a few performance problems which I don't know how to handle (I
don't understand too much about databases so maybe it's trivial to some
of you...)

1) I have a table that may grow to quite a large number of rows. After
inserting a few thousands of rows to that table I try to do a query on
the table and it takes a very long time.

2) If I take the same table (after inserting all the rows), and I close
the connection to the DB and open it again, the same query takes 1-2
seconds (much faster).

How can the fact that I just inserted the rows to the database affect
the time it take to query the table?

Why is it so much faster after I re-open the connection to the


Ariel Sakin

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