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Author Andre Fogelman
Thank you I will look into it.
The main reason was that I was trying to use it inside a trigger where I
have two fields one "normal" and the other with the soundex code.
Everytime the "normal" field is changed the trigger updates the soundex
field. I have an index on the soundex field and so I can query the
database with something
Select * from file where soundex_field like '%soundex(:var)%'

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> I am looking for a soundex dll.
> I have found some source code but havent't found a compiled dll which
> could use as a UDF. Any help would be appreciated.
> Andre Fogelman

Any reason you wanted to do it inside a UDF? If not, this might be of
interest. It was as a Stored Procedure written for FB 2 but I cant see
why it wouldn't work in FB 1.5 (NB. I haven't taken a close look at the
syntax used but it looks like it should work in 1.5).



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