Subject Looking for tables and columns.
Author William Gonz´┐Żles S.
Hello, I am migrating a SQL Server DB to FB, my
application uses SQL queries to verify if a certain
table exists and if a certain column exists in a
table, the sentences are:

//Does the table exist?
select name from sysobjects where (name =
'TABLE_NAME') and (type = 'U')

//Does the column exist?
select name from syscolumns where name = 'COLUMN_NAME'

//Does the column (COL_NAME) exist in the TABLE
from syscolumns, sysobjects
where =
and = 'TBL_NAME' and sysobjects.type
= 'U'
and = 'COL_NAME'

How can I do this in FB? It is posibble to do it with
SQL queries?
Thanks in advance,

William GS

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