Subject Re: Bizarre transaction/update behaviour
Author Adam
--- In, "hc3marx" <hccloete@g...> wrote:
> Dear members
> I created an application using Delphi 6 - a master/detail setup. When
> testing this application with localized database, it works without
> problems, but when deleting/updating records in a client/server
> situation, all detail records are deleted/all detail record is updated
> to be exactly the same as the detail record just edited.
> But when I switch off the server PC, some client applications works
> fine again, other client apps not. What could go wrong?!
> I use the Firebird 1.5 version Superserver, FIBPlus
> components in Delphi 6.

Can you perhaps provide an example of what is hapenning. I am having
trouble understanding you.

Are you saying that you are updating a single record in the detail
table only but all records are being updated? If so, triple check the
query and any trigger associated with the table you are updating.

Or are you changing the master table and the changes are cascading
into the detail table? If so, you must have defined the foreign key as
on update cascade on delete cascade (which may not be what you want).