Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: FB users can do too much by default
Author Vlada Macek
[At 10.11.2005 12:45, Martijn Tonies kindly sent the following quotation.]

>> If so, I find it very sad. I'm rooting a linux box with several
>> independent users and now, how can I give them access to their own
>> relational databases when they would be able to not even peek at
>> other people's dbs, but also create tables there?
> Well, for starters, do they even know those databases (and their file
> locations?) exist? :-)

Sure they will, I've disabled the free file locations (DatabaseAccess =
None) and all dbs are listed in aliases.conf and reside in one place.
And more, each db is named after the user. I like simple schemes and
security by obscurity (being the only one security layer available)

Also Si mentioned Vulcan, but as I see it, that is still security by
obscurity ("users wouln't know what databases are available").


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