Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: sweep taking a long time
Author Sándor Tamás (HostWare Kft.)
> if you mean the -g switch, it stops garbage collection from happening
> on the *source* database as gbak reads the data, which makes the
> process much faster. The switch is there in case you plan to drop the
> source database and substitute it with a fres one restored from the
> backup file. If you plan to drop it, then why bothering
> garbage-collecting it?

I see. And what happens to the OLD database, if I let FB to do the garbage
Because I had a corrupt database, which I could not back up. (it stopped
backup with error messages). Then I instinctly turned off garbage
collection, and FB did a corerct backup, which I can the restore. The DB
have been working correctly since then.