Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Converting A Blob To A String Within A SP
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
martinthrelly wrote:

>thanks for the quick reply.
>does this mean that if my blob contains text which is more than 1024
>characters long then i will lose the rest of it? if so whats the max
>varchar size i can use? and what if the blob size is still bigger
>than that?
>many thanks for your help alexandre

If you use from 1 for 1024 just the first 1024 will be returned.

The Max size of a varchar is 32767 IIRC.

Never did it, maybe it works, but you could do something like this:
s1 = Substring(MyBlob from 1 for 32767);
s1 = Substring(MyBlob from 32768 for 65535);

There are Blob functions to return pieces of data, take a look at rFunc

see you !

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