Subject Converting A Blob To A String Within A SP
Author martinthrelly
hi there. i have found a UDF in the FreeUDFLib.dll called
F_BLOBASPCHAR. this udf allows me to convert a blob to a string. i
notice that this UDF has a return type of CSTRING(1024).

i need to manipulate this string within a stored procedure. but in
order to do this i guess i must first assign the returned UDF value to
a local variable.

but i cant go like this because cstring is not a recognised type o
dont think:
declare variable mystring cstring(1024);
mystring = F_BLOBASPCHAR(myblob);

also i cant cast the blob as a firebird varchar data type because it
might be too big for that.

if my SP accepts a blob input parameter, is it possible for me to
somehow use this as a local variable in a string format so that i can
manipulate/split it. any suggestions most welcome.