Subject FB 1.5 Slooooo / stalls large insert - Win2003 server
Author Rich Pinder
Hello again,

This is a follow up post after yesterdays 'Understanding ODS' thread.

I have an inefficient, iterative program that inserts data into a table
(200,000 records + ... committing after EACH one)
It works fine on my slow XP laptop develop machine.
After backing up / restoring on the production server (which brought it
up to ODS 1.1 - Thanks Alexandre), I tried again - and the process kind
of stalls at some point. Its odd, after running all night, it stalls
now at a mere 6000 records - yesterday it was kind of slowing at
around 30,000 or so after hours of running.

This morning I requested the database statistics, and it took
forever..but finally returned. I have the info saved if anyone suggests
reviewing a certain portion.

Here are some facts:

- I've tried running the 'app' both across the network and also from the
server machine itself
- server running Win2003 server (and is behaving in all other areas I
can see..nothing suspicious listed in the 'event viewer' etc)
- FB 1.5 remains running (thankfully) on the production server - I can
do selects against all the tables (including the one that seems to be
stalled, btw).
- memory and disk on server seems fine

Any thoughts of where to look next would be greatly appreciated.
Rich Pinder
USC School of Medicine