Subject Re: [firebird-support] Connection string for ASP web site
Author Stevio
Thanks Alan. I have downloaded a trial of that and that will allow me to get
on with the development of the ASP web site. However, the cost of the
licence is $200 for a Web/application server licence. Are there not
free/cheaper options? Can I not just create an ODBC connection (although I
tried this and it didn't work - it should be possible though right)?

What about using the config alias thing - can that be done with an ASP web

I downloaded a free driver from here:
but did not manage to get it working with the ASP pages.

I also found another driver here:

What would you recommend?

I am using ASP code in this format:
' FileName="Connection_ado_conn_string.htm"
' Type="ADO"
' DesigntimeType="ADO"
' HTTP="false"
' Catalog=""
' Schema=""
Dim MM_cnLibrary2_STRING
MM_cnLibrary2_STRING = "DRIVER={Gemini InterBase ODBC Driver
2.0};PROTOCOL=2;SERVER=localhost;DATABASE=C:\Documents and


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Subject: RE: [firebird-support] Connection string for ASP web site

>> I am working on an ASP web site with a Firebird database.
>> I would like to make a DSN-less connection string to connect to
>> the Firebird
>> database like I do with Access databases. Can anyone tell me what the
>> connection string should be like, and do I need to download a specific
>> driver from somewhere?
>> Should I be using the config alias that I use for my Delphi apps?
>> Thanks,
>> Stephen
> you need an ODBC driver which supports DSN-less connection strings
> GEMINI is one (I use it) there may be others - not sure about the
> IBPhoenix
> one.
> This is an example of the GEMINI dsn-less connection
> Sub Application_OnStart
> Application("MainConn_ConnectionString") = "DRIVER={Gemini InterBase ODBC
> Driver
> 2.0};PROTOCOL=2;SERVER=server/3051;DATABASE=c:\data\mydata.fdb;VERSION=6;DIA
> LECT=3;OPTIONS=256;UID=myuser;PWD=mypword;"
> Application("MainConn_ConnectionTimeout") = 15
> Application("MainConn_CommandTimeout") = 30
> Application("MainConn_CursorLocation") = 3
> End Sub
> Alan