Subject FireBird locks fixed sort of...
Author chris_delphi

> Start the server programme
> start a transaction
> set the params for storedprocedure
> call execproc which calls a simple "update xx in table where :i =
> primary key" query
> now pause the programme on a breakpoint.
> (note we have not yet commited the transaction)
> Start our client app.(read-only)
> start transaction
> call select * from table where primary key = :1
> Client app then locks. and will not release until the server does a
> commit.

We seem to have a workaround for our problem, which is as follows.

First we rewrote the client test app using IBexpress components rather
than ADO and the problem stopped.
However when we tested again using an ODBC connection from via a cold
fusion web page we had the same issue.

That meant the problem was not ADO but it had to be the FireBird ODBC
driver under Windows 2003 Server.
We downloaded a trial version of the Easysoft ODBC driver. Set it up
then re-tested both the ADO test app and the cold fusion web page
applications, and everything now appears to function correctly.

I'm not 100% sure what was going on as I could'nt get the tracing
progam to work, other wise I would try to put together a bug report
but as it stands I don't feel what we have is suffiently consise to
make a decent bug report.