Subject Re: Installation problem
Author Adam

I am not too sure of the nature of Helen's comment there, perhaps it
is an old issue that has since been resolved.

I can confirm that our two main customer windows 2003 terminal
servers are quite happy for you to connect to localhost. We generally
don't though, prefering to put the hostname into the ini file that
forms the connection string, but I almost always use localhost when I
forget which server I am logged into, and have never had an issue
with that since January 04.

I am not sure about Citrix, whether it is an issue.


--- In, Alexandre Benson Smith
<iblist@t...> wrote:
> Helen Borrie wrote:
> >Further comments:
> >
> >1. localhost won't work from a remote desktop. Use the server's
node name
> >with the syntax provided by Thomas.
> >
> >./heLen
> >
> >
> Helen,
> Do you say that we cannot use localhost:alias_name in Remote
Desktop for
> anything ? What the problem to use it ?
> I have a client that uses a mix of lan users and some in others
> use it via Terminal Services, the connection string for the remote
> are localhost:my_database.
> I have used for some months without any trouble.
> I thought Remote Desktops doesn't allow local (IPC) connections but
> connections trough TCP/IP looppack interface hasn't any problem.
> What the risc to use it ?
> see you !
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