Subject Installation problem
Author kookabird2003
I have not used Firebird before.

I do not seem to be able to install Firebird 1.5 properly.
My operating system is XP Home.

I have downloaded the zipped file
and placed it in c:\Temp
I have extracted the zipped file to C:\Firebird with the result that
I have a directory C:\Firebird\Firebird-
containing the following sub-directories :
bin; doc; help; include; intl; lib; udf
I used the DOS command prompt and changed the current directory to
I ran instreg.exe using the command "instreg.exe install
C:\Firebird\Firebird-" and received the return
message "Firebird has been successfully installed in the registry"
I registered a service using the command "instsvc.exe install
C:\Firebird\Firebird-" and received the returm
message "Service "Firebird Server" successfully created"
I copied files fbclient.dll and gds32.dll to directory

I do not understand which is the application file that starts up
Firebird. The only application files that I can see are in directory

Two of the application files have a Firebird icon, fbserver.exe and
fb_inet_server.exe. However trying to run either of them produces no

Nor does trying to run any of the other smaller applications in the
bin sub-directory save that some of them produce a DOS screen display
(for example qli.exe).

What have I done wrong?