Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Installation problem
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi Adam,
> > I do not have any issue on XP SP2 with local connections or embedded
> > connections or connections to the security database, and I have never
> > experienced such an issue with any customers XP machines.
> >
> > Your particular issue with XP may be because Firebird does not allow
> > multiple connections on a local connection, which is quite different
> > to the problem I am describing. With windows 2003, I have a problem
> > even if I am the only user.
> I too have this problem if I am the only user on my machine
> (though I didn't
> know about the multiple local connections).
> This happens for every database on all our XP machines here - we can only
> make tcp connections - is this a config issue or something?

do you have classic installed? if so, then it will only receive tcp
connections. Superserver can receive local connections

> > If anyone is running Windows 2003, try and connect to a database
> > using isql and a local string, and tell me I am not going nuts.
> Trying to get access to one of our 2k3 servers to try this out.
> Cheers,
> -Ryan