Subject SCH_validate -- not entered (again)
Author yahdominiek
Hi all,

a couple of weeks ago I posted a problem where a server hung with
'SCH_validate -- not entered ' in the log. Only a 'kill' restarts the
server, not the guardian.

This weekend it happened again on a different server which is slightly
different :

Redhat Enterprise Linux ES release 3 Taroon update 6
kernel 2.4.21-37.ELsmp

I really need some help on this one as both servers serve 24/7 app's.
Could anyone of you shed some light as to what may cause this ?
Is it hardware-related, Redhat specific, kernel version ?
Do i need to upgrade to 1.5.3 (not easily done)?

Most google-results refer to bad UDF's but I only use the standard
ones ( and


Dominiek D'hondt
Eximco Bvba
Bruges, Belgium