Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: i need your opinion...
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:23 PM 28/10/2005 +0000, Ali G. wrote:
> > Your language is a little too colloquial.
> > This site is more technical to use <explicit deleted>
> > Good luck with the moderator.
>You need to make a decision.
>Full detailed cold technical terms or natural talk?
>Moderator is free about what she wants to do, there is no resist.

Ali, considering that the moderators have lives to live and jobs to do,
that's an arrogant assumption. Do you suppose that we *like* having to
police bad behaviour in the lists and have nothing better to do than
respond to this sort of garbage?

Since you decided to challenge the list rules, you may take warning that
your use of foul language is NOT welcome at all.

When I see a posting like your original one, my first assumption is that
it's a combination of difficulty with English combined with the naivete on
the part of a newcomer to Firebird.

However, I know you are not a new user and, on the language side, your
ability with English seems quite good. For clarity, I suggest that you
stick with plain English and do not try to decorate your postings with
slang and foul language.

You have enough experience in the lists to know the difference between a
problem that is well presented and one that is poorly presented. If you are
still unclear about it, then please study this article before making any
further postings:

On this latest topic, I request that you start a NEW thread, with a
pertinent title as the Subject. Express the problem properly and ask the
question(s) to which you actually want answers.

^^ heLen