Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: i need your opinion...
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Ali Gökçen wrote:

>You know, in a multiuser environment there is alot of work types.
>some of them more important and need fast response, fast insert, fast
>update(urgent tasks).
>if there is alot of user with running heavy but none-time-critical
>queries, they can create a DISC I/O bottleneck on system.
>my goal is to detain this user with CPU operations and to deffer their
>DISK I/O operations.
Hi Ali,

Forgot to say...

But CS could be a best bet, and you could renice the process (to low or
high it's priority).

Not a automatic solution, but could help if you have a long task with
low priority...

see you !

Alexandre Benson Smith
THOR Software e Comercial Ltda
Santo Andre - Sao Paulo - Brazil