Subject Why does this query fail with Firebird 1.5.2 but not with Firebird 2?
Author Robin Davis
Hello folks,

I have the following query in an Access 97 database front end:

UPDATE [New Reworked Statements] INNER JOIN Invoices ON (Invoices.Artist
= [New Reworked Statements].Artist) AND ([New Reworked
Statements].InvoiceID = Invoices.InvoiceID) SET Invoices.[Statement
Sent] = Date();

If I use the current stable release, or the 1.53 rc releases of
Firebird, the above seems to choke the system; stops it dead in its
tracks; and I have to force Access closed and start again.

If I use the alpha release of Firebird 2, it works perfectly.

Could somebody explain why please?

Thanks a lot.

Robin Davis
(Very new at all this)