Subject Re: [firebird-support] firebird/interbase compatibility
Author Ann W. Harrison
Jonathan Neve wrote:
> These might work, but it's not officially supported. So that means that
> in practice, it probably wouldn't be reliable, and you might come up
> with bugs and/or database corruption. The same goes (as I understand it)
> for any two Interbase or Firebird versions. The client and server
> versions should always be matched.

That depends on whom you consider to be official. My opinion is that
client and server versions should be independent. A new client may get
an error if it requests a feature that an older server doesn't support,
but requiring a complex, distributed system to upgrade all pieces at
once is bad engineering.

However, InterBase V5.6 has some serious bugs that corrupt databases
and I wouldn't use it as a server with data I cared about.