Subject firebird/interbase compatibility
Author patrickolinet
Hi all,

I'm looking for informations about Firebird 1.5.x and Interbase 5.6
compatibility :

1/ Could you connect from a IB 5.6 client to a remote FB 1.5.x server ?

2/ Could you connect from a FB 1.5.x client to a remote IB 5.6 server ?

3/ Let's say that I have a IB 5.6 database. Does that work to put it
on a FB 1.5.x server (without any backup/restore procedure) ? If
that's work, then can I put back the same database file later on a IB
5.6 server, even if it's been modified by the FB server ?

1/ and 2/ seem to work, but I'm not 100% sure that everything work.
There may be some compatibility issues that I haven't been through.

Patrick Olinet