Subject Re: Local Connection on win2003 server
Author Adam
--- In, "Sudheer Palaparambil"
<sudheer.clt@g...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am working on Windows 2003 server with one client machine
(peer 2
> peer), If I am working standalone (when the client machine swiched
off), I
> will not be able to
> connect to the Firebird 1.5 (Super Server) DB using
> (TCP/IP).
> I have to use, But If I switch on the second
machine, I
> will get
> connection to the DB using
> This problem was not there in W2K.
> Just for your information.
> Thank you.
> Sudheer Palaparambil

The later versions of windows try to be really helpful by switching
off TCP/IP if there is no physical LAN connection. You say they are
directly connected. I assume this means there is a crossover cable
between them, which means when the client powers off, the server will
think there is no network connected and switch off TCP.

I believe there is a registry key to switch off that behaviour, or
even plugging it into a switch rather than a crossover will probably
do the job. You can google for the key, or someone (David?) posted it
a week or two back if you wanted to dig through the archives.

For future reference, this is not what Firebird defines a local
connection to be, but rather a local loopback connection. It will
just help avoid confusion. The connection string for a local
connection is something like "c:\path\to\database.fdb". The loopback
connection connects to itself via TCP just like the client machine
would normally. I am guessing that localhost works because it is
defined in the hosts file, so maybe putting an entry in their for the
real IP address may work too.

Why is there two colons in the connection string?