Subject Local Connection on win2003 server
Author Adam
Hello Group,

I am a bit puzzled on this one.

Windows 2003 Server
Firebird 1.5

I don't seem to be able to make a local connection. There is no other
user connected to this database, I have just renamed it to prove that.

isql c:\test.fdb -u sysdba -p masterke
Returns the following error:
Statement failed, SQLCODE = -904

unavailable database

Just to prove I am not going nuts

isql localhost:c:\test.fdb -u sysdba -p masterke
connects without any problem

I have confirmed this behaviour across two different win2003 machines,
however it works perfectly on XP SP2. I have full control access to
the file from both my own account and also the Firebird user.

Any thoughts on what could cause this?