Subject Speedy HTML list boxes
Author Daniel L. Miller
This may not be a completely Firebird question - but since I just
browsed through some of the Firebird performance-related threads on the
list I thought I'd ask here first.

I'm developing a web-based project management/accounting system for
internal use, using the core trio of Apache, PHP, and Firebird. Quite
often, there will be times when the user will need to enter/select a
value from an existing table, e.g. selecting from the customer list when
entering a new project. Assume a decently configured table, with
generator-based numeric primary keys, ascending/descending indexes,
etc. As the customer table grows . . . both the selection time in the
database as well as the simple page loading time is going to increase as

Does anyone have suggestions on how I can speed this up? I've been
considering something using Javascript, where the user would first pick
from the starting letter(s), and then re-fill the list with the
appropriate subgrouping. Any comments?