Subject Re: TCP Connection diagnosis for firebird
Author Peter Chaisty

The vpn appears to work ok with pings etc, I don't know what timeout
they have in their firewall but I can't imagine its a few seconds.

Also I can read fields in the db fine and wander around (I can take as
long as I like), it's just when I do an update and then I repeatedly
get the problem with one table and one field.
I havn't worked my way through every table.


--- In, "Si Carter"
<simon.carter@t...> wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> > -----Original Message-----
> > I have a customers who I connect with over a VPN link (they
> > are in a far away land).
> The best sort, well out of from underfoot :-)
> > The problem then is that if I try to change the entry in some
> > fields it goes through ok, but another field may cause the
> > connection to hang then the remote host to forcibly terminate
> > the connection.
> If they are using a firewall are there any settings on the firewall that
> will terminate the link after n seconds/mins?
> Rgds
> Si Carter
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