Subject TCP Connection diagnosis for firebird
Author Peter Chaisty

I have a customers who I connect with over a VPN link (they are in a
far away land).

They have installed firebird on a win32 platform and I am having some
problems and would like ideas as to how to debug.

The symptom is I can connect to there local db using DataBase
workbench, and what information there is in the database (not much at
all) I can view.
They have 2 installations and both behave the same.

The problem then is that if I try to change the entry in some fields
it goes through ok, but another field may cause the connection to hang
then the remote host to forcibly terminate the connection.

There is an application using the database but it is not actually
changing any data, also I have tried the same changes on a db with the
same application on my local network and it works fine.

Because it only seems to be when I try to change data in the db is it
likely that this could be a privilage problem on the win32 end ?.

The application logs in as sysdba anyway as it is really a single user
app with remote access to the db to back it up and some extra report
applications, so I know it has update rights to the tables in question.

Any pointers as to what to look for would be greatly appreciated.