Subject Re: 3 Questions
Author Adam
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> Hello All
> Im using Firebird 1.5 at the moment and have 3 questions:-
> 1. Can Firebird handle Dual Processors ?

Yes. Classic server is the best option for this. Superserver will work
fine as long as you set the CPU affinity,

> If so then would this be more
> suited than a single processor machine ?

It probably depends on how much CPU Firebird is using, which in turn
depends on the sort of work it is doing. At the very least it gives
other processes from air if FB encounters a lot of garbage.

> 2. My understanding is that you have 1 intances of the Firebird server
> for Multiple databases. Is it possible to have multiple intances of
> the Firebird server to manage each individual database on one machine ?

It is possible, but is there any reason you would want to do that. I
sense there is a question behind that question.

> 3. Is there an an option on the Firebird server to log the connections
> and any query requests ?


You can either build this into your data abstraction layer, write
appropriate triggers, or use IBLogManager or equiv.