Subject Re: Delphi + Firebird - IBX or what?
Author k_smith_000
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> > I am looking for free or low-cost component solution for
> > using Firebird from Delphi.

What do you think about ADO or dbExpress ?

I've heard that dbExpress is good only for small application that
mostly generate reports and don't work with large datasets. I'm also
not sure about dbExpress future. Moreover I don't have any experience
with Firebird dbExpress drivers (as far as I know there is only one...)

ADO is reported to be good solution but you have to find reliable ADO
provided - as far as I know there is IBProvider and SIbProvider. Can
you recommend any of them for work with large datasets?

There is also a choice to use native components (IBObjects for
example) which are the fastest solution but unfortunately it's hard to
migrate from IbObjects to other DB (for example MS SQL Server and OLE
DB technology).

Still there is BDE and ODBC but they are now obsolete and should not
be used.

If you were to chose db access method in delphi which would you chose
(for application handling large datasets)?

Do you know where we can find ADO/dbExpress/BDE benchmarks and

Best regards,
Kevin Smith