Subject Re: [firebird-support] Delphi + Firebird - IBX or what?
Author Sam Hunt
Si Carter wrote:

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> > I am looking for free or low-cost component solution for
> > using Firebird from Delphi.
> See (
> <> for a list of Delphi
> component suites. My favourite is MDO, which is based on IBX and open
> source.
> > Until now I used IBX with standard Delphi visual components
> > (e.g. DBGrid).
> > But, when having large queries, programs may work slower,
> > even stop responding because dbgrid/TIBQueries are fully populated.
> > Is there anything I could do to prevent it?
> TDBGrid uses its own internal paging mechanism, it will only load the
> records as you scroll through, you can improve the scroll speed by
> moving to
> the end of the data set first, but on large data sets you will see a
> significant lag.
> > I know I could use my own grids and then use limited select
> > (select first etc.)... Anything smarter?
> TIBSQL is a lot faster than TIBQuery, however, this component can't be
> linked to data aware controls and is restricted to a forward-only cursor.
> The only real solution, IMO, is to reduce the result set that is being
> returned and perhaps consider using some sort of paging mechanism.
> Hih
> Si Carter
qIBQuery do something