Subject Re: firebird API hangs in (1.5.1/.2/.3 RC2) but passes in 2.0
Author Zach Saw
sorry. :)

anyway, if you guys care to test out, i'd be very grateful.

here're the links:

exe (zipped):

db (zipped):

unzip the db to c:\ and run the exe.
click button1 and wait -- if task manager shows no activity, then
check the threads to make sure they aren't stuck. A successful test
will have the thread counts in task manager return to 1, after around
10 minutes.

failures can be observed on (tested and failed):

CPU: single CPU P4 celeron / P4M Banias
FB: SuperServer 1.5.x

test passed in the following config:

CPU: dual CPU P3 / P4 with HT enabled
OS: WinNT 4
FB: SuperServer 1.5.2

Test always pass on FB 2.0 (SS / CS) and FB 1.5.x CS. Fails on 1.5.x SS.

If you have a P4 HT, try disabling HT.

Thanks in advance.

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