Subject Re: Hourly rate
Author Ali Gökçen
> No, but this is why I said that computations on TIME cannot
> be done with a TIME format. For example, adding 10 hours
> to 18:00 will give you 28 hours, which cannot be done in a
> TIME datatype.

hah! this posibility valid for all datatypes Martijn.

for example:
add 10 to 32758 for a smallint field.
or 54321*54321 for a integer field.
if you want to do this you should move 54321 value to a BIGINT.
also bigint has a limit too.
only the requirements are limitless. :P

So, TIME is a special numeric field that
can handle numbers between 0 and 86399, time is perfect becuse of

> You can misuse the "datetime" format for this though.
> I think we both agree, as long as the distinction between
> time, date, datetime and intervals/duration are clear.

Ok ;)
it will be fine, if we can stop this thread before Helen shoot us.