Subject Re: Windows XP Pro x64 (amd64) support for Firebird?
Author Ali Gökçen
You can also run win32 applications on Win64.
Win32 executables will run in win32 subsystem of win64,
like as win16 executables in win16 subsystem of win32.
FB is not a HW driver so, there is no problem.

You can easly move your 1.5x databases to >FB2.x (32 or 64 bits)
with backup restore operation whenever it released.

We have been using here FB 1.5.3 on an AMD64 3000+ machine with
windows server 2003 x64 OS for a long time.


--- In, "Joannes Vermorel"
<joannes_vermorel@y...> wrote:
> Hi, I am using a machine with WinXP Pro x64 (amd64) as OS. I would
> really like to be able to use Firebird (especially embedded
> It does not seem that any binary is available for Win64.
> Does anyone know if it's possible to use embedded FB on Win64 ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Joannes