Subject Re: Local Connection on win2003 server
Author Adam
--- In, "Ann W. Harrison"
<aharrison@i...> wrote:
> Adam wrote:
> > I will investigate
> > tomorrow whether this same issue prevents embedded server from
> > on win2003 server. I am quite worried it will have a problem.
> The local windows connection is an odd artifact of Borland's
> strategy - connecting to a server through shared memory. The
> implementation is more conventional - no server process, just the
> code in a dll. So it should work. And do tell me if I'm wrong!
> Best,
> Ann


I have just tested our application in embedded mode on our Windows
2003 Server and I get the same unavailable database error. I tested
the same connection string with "localhost" in front and it works,
but that uses the installed 1.5.2 Firebird rather than the embedded.

The embedded library I am using is Firebird-,
and the same app works fine in embedded mode on my local machine (XP

Should I submit this to the bug tracker, or is it possible it is a
configuration issue at my end? Perhaps someone else with access to a
win2003 server could run the same test (try and use the embedded
engine to connect to a database).

I believe this is related to my post yesterday about Superserver not
allowing local connections on win2003, which is what prompted me to
test the embedded connection. It is not a problem for what I was
trying to achieve (I just wanted to ensure I was the only connection
and run some DDL scripts).