Subject Information from FB 2.0 or 3.0 via Select
Author Valdir Marcos
Using FB 1.5.2, via Delphi or C/C++ programming, I just can retrieve from the server:
- name of users conected;
- DBFileName opended in my conection;
- Fetches
- CurrentMemory (in bytes) used by FB

Could I suggest here (or should I address it where to?) in FB 2.0 or 3.0 about this subject?
The information available could be:
- the DBFileNames opened;
- memory (in MB) used by each FDB;
- fetches used by each FDB;
- locks [Is it possible to show who user(s) is locking which table(s)/record(s)?] used by each FDB;
- users (name, IP, memory used, fetches, id of the transactions being used, locks) in each FDB;
- log of when the FB server were started/stoped;
- log of commands sent to the server, like SQL monitors collect;

Could we get this information via select against special system tables?

Obtaining this information from select would be much more ease than by developing programs via API.


Valdir Marcos
Sao Paulo-SP-Brazil

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